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Unprecedented Demand: Why Veterinarians are So Busy

Veterinarians Performing a Procedure

Unprecedented Demand: Why Veterinarians are So Busy

The veterinary profession is all over the news lately. Thanks to the pandemic, the pet industry is booming, with household pet ownership increasing from 67 to 70 percent, and consumer spending on our furry family members at an all-time high. However, within veterinary clinics, pandemic protocols, restrictions, and staffing shortages have decreased the industry’s capacity for new and existing patients. So you have a perfect storm of increased demand and decreased supply, creating backlogs of routine and specialty care and overflowing animal ERs. At 电竞菠菜人App下载, and across the veterinary industry, we are all doing everything we can to keep up and adjust to this latest challenge.

A New Type of Patient is Showing Up at the ER

虽然我不能代表其他医院,但我注意到电竞菠菜人App下载的夜间入院名单发生了变化. Previously, these admissions were decidedly geriatric. Now it seems to be full of puppies and kittens (under 1 year of age) with fractures and ingestion of non-food items. While there are more homes with puppies and kittens, I speculate that more time at home offers more chances for accidents. Before the pandemic, many puppies would have been crate trained and thus prevented from eating earbuds, corn cobs and coins. 现在,由于每个人都在家工作,电竞菠菜人App下载错误地认为电竞菠菜人App下载可以在Zoom上监督小狗. Fractures could result from a similar situation. Puppies and kittens are frequently under foot. With more feet at home during the day, 更多的事故发生在这些精致而好奇的生物被踩或绊倒的地方, resulting in fractures.

An Unprecedented Demand for Care

Something extraordinary happened at 电竞菠菜人App下载 recently. 我曾经参加过一个会议,其中一位与会者提到有可能将病例从电竞菠菜人App下载的急诊室转移出去,因为整个医院每个病房的笼子都被占用了. 我在电竞菠菜人App下载的时候从来没有人提到过这种可能性——电竞菠菜人App下载通常是其他医院转往的急诊室! Fortunately, 电竞菠菜人App下载 did not have to divert cases in this instance, 但这种可能性是另一个迹象,表明对医疗服务的需求已经变得多么特殊.

然而,这种前所未有的需求并不局限于电竞菠菜人App下载的紧急和重症护理服务. 电竞菠菜人App下载的许多专业服务为新客户和现有客户提前几个月预约,以适应庞大的宠物护理热潮.

What can pet owners do to reduce the burden on veterinary clinics?

I have a few suggestions.

  1. 提前安排专科和常规护理预约,以防止在危急治疗中出现失误, tests and vaccines.
  2. Be aware of the trouble your puppy or kitten can get into, and keep small items, ribbon, thread, yarn and electric cords out of their reach.
  3. Don’t put your pet somewhere you would not put a young child, for example the top bunk or outdoors unsupervised.
  4. Keep your dog on a leash outdoors and keep your cat inside. 这将减少交通事故和伤害与其他动物接触.

Finally, 全国的一些兽医诊所都在恳求他们的客户尊重他们的员工, including Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center in Buffalo, NY and Access Animal Hospitals in California, or as the sign in 电竞菠菜人App下载’s lobby says, Be Kind. 请记住,你的宠物的兽医团队正在尽最大努力为你的宠物提供最好的护理.

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